Room for a Daybed

Realized in collaboration with Johnston Marklee, Room for a Daybed represents a reversal in the typical relationship between architecture and furniture. Conventionally, furniture is selected or developed in response to an existing or new building. With Room for a Daybed we have done the opposite, and developed an interior as a spatial response to the single object it contains: the Twill Weave Daybed. Like the daybed, the interior is built of textile, and it seeks to define a soft architecture. While the Daybed draws from mast construction, the room conceived around it references sail design. Four inner walls made from suspended billowing non-woven textile, occupy much of the room’s volume and create an intimate area around the daybed. The nested space is oriented at a 45 degree angle to the enclosing corrugated steel walls, and has four entry points at its corners. The  floor is covered with a thick sound dampening felt, and the ceiling is open to the sky above. The overhead aperture hosts a single light source, a lighting balloon used on film and television sets, that casts a soft light on the curved walls and day bed below. The space is intended for contemplation and rest, and explores the wide structural, spatial and visual limits of textile.

Commissioned by OFFICE KGDVS for the occasion of the 25th Biennale Interieur in Kortrijk

Room for a Daybed
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