Brujas Training Facility

Performance Space New York, May 25–June 9, 2018.

Jenny Schlenzka, artistic director of Performance Space New York, commissioned this installation for a three week residency by the NYC-based feminist skate collective and streetwear brand Brujas. The installation functions as a skate spot for open skate sessions, and also as a social hub for lectures and workshops hosted by Brujas. Having lived in the East Village for many years, Schlenzka used to watch the skaters at Thompkins Square Park (referred to within the NYC skate community as Training Facility) on weekends, and wanted to bring the energy see saw there into Performance Space New York, which is also located in the East Village. Skateboarding is prohibited in most street skating destinations in NYC, so Brujas Training Facility offers a cop-free environment for skaters. The facility is also air-conditioned with a theater-quality sound system accessible to skaters via bluetooth. The set design re-purposes theatrical staging equipment–normally used by Performance Space New York for stages and seating platforms–into a series of flat and angled ledges and manual pads. Pink concrete slabs secured to the tops of the staging platforms transform them into skate-able and grind-able surfaces. Since Brujas started in 2014 they have used the color pink to establish gender neutrality within skateboarding culture. The use of pink concrete co-opts the traditionally gray and industrial skate obstacle, introducing warmth and reducing the objects into a series of horizontal pink planes in a black space. 
Brujas Training Facility was also used to host Brujas’s Anti Prom III, the gender-queering party described by the New York Times as “an effervescent celebration of people usually sidelined by traditional prom culture,” or as Brujas co-founder Arianna Gil described it, “the Met-Gala of the underground.”

Brujas Training Facility
  1. Granite benches
  2. Granite benches
  3. Granite benches
  4. Brujas Training Facility
  5. Brujas Training Facility
  6. Brujas Training Facility
  7. Brujas Training Facility
  8. Solid Textile Screen
  9. Solid Textile Screen
  10. Solid Textile Screen
  11. Solid Textile Screen, prototype
  12. Concrete Petanque Terrains and Aluminum Bench
  13. Realgar
  14. Natural pigments
  15. Twill Weave Daybed
  16. Selected Works
  17. Aluminum Chair and Truck
  18. Longing
  19. Longing
  20. Longing
  21. Call Waiting
  22. Saarinen & Friends
  23. Style
  24. Lapis Lazuli Aluminum Benches
  25. Cessna 172 and Aluminum Bench
  26. Goldie
  27. Aluminum Bench / Sainsbury Gallery
  28. Inaugural game of pétanque
  29. Correction
  30. Room for a Daybed
  31. Room for a Daybed
  32. Room for a Daybed
  33. Twill Weave Daybed
  34. Twill Weave Daybed
  35. Vitra Presents Work
  36. Ok, but first coffee
  37. Partner companies
  38. Sunset
  39. Work master plan
  40. Workspirit 14
  41. An Office Perspective 1850-2016 DE / EN
  42. An Office Perspective 1850-2016
  43. Alphabet
  44. Box of books
  45. RS '32 '15
  46. Shopfloor Aluminum Bench app
  47. Aluminum Bench alphabet
  48. Aluminum Bench, Volume Gallery
  49. Vitra Workspace
  50. Vitra Workspace: An Office Perspective
  51. Photo by David Van Severen
  52. Dog
  53. Aluminum Bench
  54. Aluminum Bench
  55. Source Material
  56. Source Material
  57. Source Material exhibit catalog
  58. Articulation
  59. Aluminum Chair shadow
  60. A Small Museum for the American Metaphor
  61. Studies for New Posture catalog
  62. Smith
  63. Jonathan Olivares and Richard Sapper
  64. Olivares Aluminum Chair
  65. Olivares Aluminum Chair
  66. Joint
  67. Skateboard rails
  68. An Exploded View
  69. Tips
  70. Smith
  71. A View on Natural Motion
  72. Products
  73. Window installation
  74. Smith
  75. NCS S 0530-B
  76. Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs
  77. Library and social hub
  78. Delivery
  79. A Taxonomy of Office Chairs
  80. Territorio
  81. A Chair for All Seasons
  82. An Exploded View
  83. Source Material
  84. Outdoor Office
  85. Smith Pro Detail
  86. Hortus Cliffortianus
  87. Source Material exhibit catalog
  88. If Darwin Studied Office Chairs
  89. Chaise for Hallingdal 65
  90. Impressions from Walmart
  91. Smith profile
  92. Rear leg joint
  93. Los Angeles
  94. Jones
  95. Double selfie
  96. Social hub at work
  97. Territorio photograph
  98. Message in a table
  99. Plan for An Exploded View
  100. 3 millimeter section
  101. The US Furniture Industry
  1. Contact
  2. Biography
  3. Website