Chaise for Hallingdal 65

The Chaise for Hallingdal 65 was designed for the Hallingdal 65 exhibition, put on by the Danish textile manufacturer Kvadrat in celebration of their classic textile. The Chaise was imagined as a piece of furniture intended only to hold a piece of fabric. Considering how a roll of textile would find comfort and sit most naturally, the chaise allows the fabric to drape between a post that secures the roll itself and a rail that allows the end of the material to hang. The structure is made of aluminum castings and extrusions, and plastic fittings.

Materials: Hallingdal 65, sand-cast aluminum, aluminum profiles, cardboard tubing, plastic fittings, hardware.
Height:  84″ / 213.3 cm – Width: 60″ / 152.4 cm – Depth: 96″ / 243.8 cm cm

Photo © Angela Moore

Photos © JODR